Policy Updates

Forest? Trees? Overview of OJJDP Re-org

In an interview posted on the OJJDP website, Robert J. Listenbee, the adminstrator for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, highlighted the organizational changes taking place. (See below)  Re-organization can simply be a way that a new manager mixes things up so that they can get more control, a way to encourage innovationRead More

A Refresher on OJJDP Priorities

If you are deep into federal juvenile justice policy, you’ll already know the priorities of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention like the back of your hand. But for the rest of us, this description of the priorities as described by Robert L. Listenbee the new administrator of the office was a quickRead More

Minority Youth and Police Contact

This post was originally published on The Future of Children blog on June 27, 2013.  By Wade C. Jacobsen   A recent article in The Atlantic points out that US incarcerationrates are extremely high compared to those of other nations, especially for black men. But jails and prisons represent just one of many stages in theRead More

Reforming Juvenile Justice: When Science Meets Common Sense

This post was originally published by The Campaign for Youth Justice on June 12, 2013. By Leah Roberston On Monday, June 10, The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) discussed the findings of their recently released report: Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach. The report found that well-designed, community-based programs are more likely than confinement toRead More

A World Without Rape

I confess, I wasn’t able to imagine a world without rape.  It just seemed to be a horrific part of what makes us human.  However, thanks to the brilliant dance actions of One Billion Rising, not only can I imagine a world without rape, I am demanding a world without rape. That’s why getting ourRead More

We Like These Trend Lines

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been reporting out a lot of good news.  First, their recent Kids Count paper on Youth Incarceration in the United States reports that “the rate of young people locked up because they were in trouble with the law dropped more than 40 percent over a 15-year period, with noRead More

There’s No Excuse

Campaign for Youth Justice is running a well-designed campaign this month to force states to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Here’s the information below. Pass it on to your Governor and networks.  During the month of April, thousands of individuals and organizations will be calling on their governors to cease the practice of placingRead More

Explainer: By the Numbers, Connecticut’s Experience With Juvenile Justice Reforms

By Sarah Boslaugh One of the greatest obstacles to reforming the juvenile justice system is the fear that “going soft” on juvenile crime will pose a threat to public safety, either by setting youthful marauders loose upon a defenseless public or by removing the supposed deterrent effect of harsh and mandatory punishments. A second obstacleRead More

There’s No Excuse for Keeping Children in Adult Prisons

Implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act will go a long way toward safeguarding jailed juveniles. America’s governors need to sign on. By Liz Ryan Research has found that juveniles housed in adult prisons are 36 times more likely to commit suicide than if confined in a facility for juveniles. Jonathan McClard was 16 years oldRead More

Dear Mr. President

Liz Ryan just sent an update about the Comprehensive Juvenile Justice Reform Recommendations from the 300-member National Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Coalition. They’ve now been sent to the Obama Administration urging the President to restore a more effective system of juvenile justice for youth by focusing on five priority areas. You can read about the recommendations in  “Promoting Safe Communities:Read More

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