Welcoming the YTFG Fellowship Class of 2023-2025!

The YTFG Fellowship Program is open to young adults between ages 21 and 29 with interest in learning about philanthropy and in improving the public systems which impact young people – notably housing, education, employment, child welfare, and youth justice systems. Our Fellows have direct knowledge, expertise, and experience with those systems and are willingRead More

Philanthropic Efforts to Battle COVID-19 Around the Corner and Around the World

This complimentary SSIR Live! webinar will explore how resources are being deployed in local communities across the United States and around the world to support organizations combating the new coronavirus. Nicole Taylor, president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (the largest US community foundation), will share information on the work that community foundationsRead More

Juvenile Law Center Launches National Extended Foster Care Review

The Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia, PA, has launched the National Extended Foster Care Review – a new tool cataloguing each state’s laws and policies on extended foster care. More than 45 states currently extend foster care for youth aged 18 and older. Extended care helps youth in the child welfare system – who doRead More

State of Justice Reform

The Vera Institute of Justice has launched State of Justice Reform 2017 – an interactive, digital report summarizing the major developments of last year across the range of justice reform issues and examines issues to watch in 2018. Section 7 examines the State of Youth Justice, and highlights the fact that over the past 15 years,Read More

Coalition on Adoption Institute’s Foster Youth Intern Policy Recommendations

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s Foster Youth Interns released their federal policy recommendations, Unlocking Potential: The Strength of Our Stories as Key to Child Welfare Reform, which highlight key federal reforms that have potential to improve the life experiences and opportunities for youth in foster care.  Recommendations address specific recommendations on a broad range ofRead More

Positive Results From a New Career Development Program for Youth in Foster Care

The Works Wonders! program is a career development and employment engagement program for youth aging out of foster care.  Originally funded by a Children’s Bureau grant, the program includes 10-12 hours of personal skills training, 12 weeks of one-on-one career coaching and paid work-based learning opportunities.  The program was implemented by Foster Forward, a Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative site in RhodeRead More

A Week of Stunning Victories for Youth Justice

by Marsha Levick, Juvenile Law Center Posted by Open Society Foundations January 29, 2016 It’s been a remarkable decade for juvenile justice reform in the United States. But the week of January 25, 2016, stands out. On Monday, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Montgomery v. Louisiana, requiring that its 2012 ruling banning mandatory lifeRead More

Is it Really Strategic Philanthropy If the Grants are One-Year?

There are several different types of philanthropy out there – strategic philanthropy, charitable giving, social entrepreneurism, venture philanthropy, philanthropic investment, catalytic philanthropy – and I’m sure there’s someone somewhere inventing a new kind right now.  I think it is incredibly helpful to think long and hard about the different approaches, as they provide some shape toRead More

Review: Evaluation of New York City’s Learning to Work Initiative

Peter Kleinbard Our guest blogger today is Peter Kleinbard. Peter is an experienced practitioner who writes on young adult and other youth issues. To help us stay on top of research he has reviewed a recent study on New York’s City’s Learning to Work Initiatives, a key part of their Multiple Pathways to Graduation efforts.Read More

Be Sensible: Wise Words from Peter Kleinbard

Peter Kleinbard has written a great piece in the Philanthropy News Digest.  Peter is a long-time advocate for youth.  He has made incredible contributions to our field — as an alternative education provider, at the Wallace Foundation, in shaping the YTFG, and at the Youth Development Institute.  When I joined the Mott Foundation, Peter wasRead More

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