Chapin Hall Releases Report on Federal Actions to Prevent & End Youth Homelessness

Chapin Hall released a new brief entitled Federal Actions to Prevent & End Youth Homelessness: Recommendations Based on Research and a National Convening of Experts and Stakeholders. The paper presents recommendations for federal action based on findings from the Voices of Youth Count research. The recommendations were developed through a multistep process that included national organizations, federal partners, and young people who have experienced homelessness. VoYC findings reveal youth homelessness as a broad and hidden challenge, as well as a complex problem with deep roots in family adversities and structural inequalities. They also reveal that youth homelessness is a solvable problem, one that requires a coordinated community response and the investments of individuals and communities.

This policy paper offers an evidence-informed roadmap to help guide the work of multiple federal agencies and Congress, in partnership with other stakeholders, to prevent and end youth homelessness. Its recommendations are framed in terms of prevention (addressing factors that often lead to homelessness), crisis response (minimizing the impact and duration of young people who experience homelessness), and stable housing (facilitating permanent exits from homelessness). Scroll to page 14 for a full discussion of the recommendations.