OJJDP Releases Dual Systems Involvement Data Report

A report released by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) provides insight into the high percentage of dually involved youth in three jurisdictions. OJJDP Dual System Youth Design Study: Summary of Findings and Recommendations for Pursuing a National Estimate of Dual System Youth, used linked administrative data in Cook County, Ill, Cuyahoga County, OH, and New York City. The report finds that the prevalence of dually involved youth is 44.8% in Cook County, 68.5% in Cuyahoga County and 70.3% in New York City.  Findings include that the consistent pathway for these youth was from child welfare to juvenile justice and that African American youth and girls are disproportionately represented in the dually involved youth population. The report is part of a broader effort to develop a national estimate of dual systems involvement and to inform a growing body of evidence about the practices that work to identify dually involved youth, share information across systems and develop a case management model to meet the individualized needs of young people involved in both systems.