There’s No Excuse

Campaign for Youth Justice is running a well-designed campaign this month to force states to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Here’s the information below. Pass it on to your Governor and networks. 

During the month of April, thousands of individuals and organizations will be calling on their governors to cease the practice of placing youth in adult jails and prisons in order to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Passed unanimously by Congress in 2003, PREA restricts the placement of youth in adult jails and prisons. The U.S. Department of Justice regulations state: “as a matter of policy, the Department supports strong limitations on the confinement of adults with juveniles.” The regulations ban the housing of youth in the general adult population, prohibit contact between youth and adults in common areas, and limit the use of isolation.

Children in adult jails and prisons are:

–At the greatest risk of sexual victimization according to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission;
–Often placed in solitary confinement ‘for their own protection’ which is detrimental to their mental health and can result in suicide; and 

–Denied educational services, counseling and other supports.

It is crucial that governors fully protect children from the dangers of adult jails and prisons. Rather than try to segregate children from adults in adult jails and prisons which often leads to solitary confinement, governors should implement best practices by removing youth from adult jails and prisons.


Take Action Now!
Here are 2 things you can do today:

(1) Tell your governor there’s no excuse for keeping kids in adult jails and prisons!
Click here to contact your governor.

(2) Spread the word! Throughout the month of April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we hope you will spread the word! We will be sharing information and ways to get involved. To get updates, sign up for the CFYJ blog, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @JusticeforYouth. Our hashtag is: #Implement PREA.


PREA Materials:

Check out CFYJ’s blog!

See the Campaign’s YouTube channel 

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