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Checklist for Funders: Investing in Youth Transtioning From Foster Care (2011)

This checklist is intended to support the decision making process of new as well as veteran funders who are seeking to invest in supports and services for youth transitioning from foster care. This checklist goes beyond traditional questions of due diligence to focus on ways to leverage the learning of previous investors, to identify potential partnerships, and toRead More


The Premise and the Promise of the California Connected by 25 Initiative (2011)

The California Connected by 25 Initiative (CC25I) was developed to fundamentally change the trajectory for youth emancipating from foster care. Through CC25I, all eight county sites set out to transform their systems of care and “connect” transition age foster youth to comprehensive, integrated, and youth-focused supports and services.  This brief highlights the successes and lessons learned through CC25I.Read More


An Assessment of Resources to Support Transitioning Youth (2010)

In order to develop a sound transition plan to effectively assist young people leaving foster care, state and community leaders need a clear understanding of the full breadth of resources that young people require as they transition to adulthood. This assessment tool seeks to help states and communities determine areas of strength in which thereRead More


Talking About Youth Transitions

Talking About Youth Transitions provides concrete tools to help you communicate about youth–transition issues in an effective and inclusive way.  This brief was produced by Fenton Communications at the request of YTFG. Different states and organizations will have different policy agendas based on where they are and the different opportunities available in those states. By using common languageRead More


Guide to Mapping Community Assets for Transitioning Youth (2010)

This guide seeks to help state and community leaders systematically map the supports and services available to young people transitioning from foster care, so that young people, case workers, advocates, and other supportive adults will be able to effectively take advantage of all of the resources available to them. It includes guidance regarding initiating asset-mappingRead More


Designing Foster Care to 21: A Discussion Guide for State Leaders (2010)

This brief is intended to support state leaders in designing foster care services for older youth and young adults. The brief begins with general considerations for designing foster care and permanency services and supports beyond age 18, lays out a series of design questions to guide state conversations, and includes case studies from two states that have recentlyRead More


Meeting the Education Requirements of Fostering Connections: Learning From the Field (2010)

The Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 created a new mandate for education enrollment and stability for children and youth in foster care. This brief aims to help agency leaders, policymakers, judges, and their partners understand and respond effectively to the education requirements of Fostering Connections by reflecting on lessons learned fromRead More


Connected by 25: Effective Policy Solutions for Vulnerable Youth (2010)

In an effort to strengthen philanthropic investments among its membership, the Youth Transition Funders Group (YTF G) asked a group of policy experts to provide recommendations on how foundations can work to encourage effective policy solutions on issues affecting youth in transition to adulthood. 1  The primary challenge was to think beyond the systemic silos that so deeplyRead More


Connected by 25: Financing Policies and Practices that Support Permanency for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care (2009)

This brief explores the range of partners and resources that program and community leaders can engage to support permanency for youth aging out of the foster care system. It draws on the experiences of the field and the FCWG demonstration sites and aims to further inform those efforts. Download Publication


Connected by 25: Financing Housing Supports for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care (2009)

This brief aims to help policymakers,child welfare administrators, program developers, and community leaders address the housing needs of youth aging out of foster care. This brief presents five financing strategies, highlighting key funding sources, stakeholders, and considerations for implementation. Lastly,it highlights noteworthy programs nationwide that have successfully implemented these financing strategies. Download Publication

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