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Behind the Problem of Student Homelessness

A New York Times article highlights new research showing just how pervasive the problem of homelessness is for many college students. Last month, the Wisconsin HOPE Lab at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, released a study that surveyed students at 70 community colleges in 24 states. It found that 14 percent were homeless. Those findings build on aRead More


New Tools to Help End Homelessness

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a set of materials designed for stakeholders to used directly and engage essential local partners in efforts to prevent and end youth homelessness. The three new resources discuss system planning, mainstream system collaboration, and promising programs, al with a focus on engaging key partners locallyRead More

Bob Rath

Committed to Continuous Improvement: An Interview with Bob Rath

Bob Rath’s career was launched in the youth field when he was still a youth. While in college, he got involved with a FIPSE-funded program with street academies to see if young people in alternative high schools would be interested in and succeed in alternative college. A stint working in community corrections drove him backRead More


Third Sector Announces Five Awardees As Part of National Pay for Success Competition Focused on Youth Workforce Development

Awardees will receive technical assistance to develop national models for Pay for Performance contracting in the area of youth workforce development. Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. (Third Sector), a grantee of the Social Innovation Fund’s Pay for Success program, recently announced the selection of five awardees to receive federally funded technical assistance to assess theRead More

Kara Bobroff

Inspired by Kara Bobroff

Open space. Throughout my interview with Kara Bobroff, founder of the Native American Community Academy (NACA) and the NACA Inspired Schools Network, I kept encountering open space. I would ask a follow-up question to a point she had made and then, instead of clarifying, she would pause and carve out an adjacent point, causing meRead More


Jobs for the Future Hosts Summit on Voice for Opportunity and Economic Mobility June 28-29

As a nation, we have an economic mobility challenge that we can no longer ignore. Approximately 40% of Americans born near the bottom of the economic ladder remain trapped there as adults. The consequences of this situation are devastating. Many workers, especially those without credentials and skills, face stagnating or declining wages, and continue toRead More


Baltimore’s Thread Program Provides Vulnerable Teens a Web of Support

David Bornstein recently published an opinion piece in the New York Times describing Thread, an organization providing support to struggling young people in Baltimore. Writes Bornstein:  “Recently, I learned about an organization that stopped me in my tracks and has forced me to re-evaluate my assumptions about what’s possible. It’s called Thread. It rallies volunteerRead More


JPMorgan Chase releases Report on Increasing Program Capacity for Summer Jobs

While many young people around the country are struggling and economic opportunity often seems out of reach, effective summer youth employment programs can help address that concern. A new report from JPMorgan Chase & Co. Expanding Economic Opportunity for Youth through Summer Jobs delves into the issues around summer youth employment programs in cities across theRead More


New Workforce and Education Data State Summaries Featured on Data Quality Campaign Site

The Workforce Data Quality Campaign website now features summaries of state education and workforce data systems. Check out the interactive website to see how your state stacks up and to view the Campaign’s blueprint outlining key features of an aligned, inclusive, and market-relevant state data system.


New Report on Underprepared Students and Community Colleges

The Center for Community College Student Engagement recently released Expectations Meet Reality: The Underprepared Student and Community Colleges, with findings collected from more than 70,000 community college students across 150 institutions, explores the typical community college student experience in the areas of assessment, placement, and developmental education—and it also highlights innovative practices in work withRead More

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