Chris Sturgis

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Bob Rath

Committed to Continuous Improvement: An Interview with Bob Rath

Bob Rath’s career was launched in the youth field when he was still a youth. While in college, he got involved with a FIPSE-funded program with street academies to see if young people in alternative high schools would be interested in and succeed in alternative college. A stint working in community corrections drove him backRead More

Kara Bobroff

Inspired by Kara Bobroff

Open space. Throughout my interview with Kara Bobroff, founder of the Native American Community Academy (NACA) and the NACA Inspired Schools Network, I kept encountering open space. I would ask a follow-up question to a point she had made and then, instead of clarifying, she would pause and carve out an adjacent point, causing meRead More

obama esse

Yeah Boo

Yeah boo is a phrase frequently used in our family. It captures the nature of life—the ups and downs, the births and deaths. I also think it effectively captures our efforts related to the Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaces No Child Left Behind. And when I say “our work,” I mean the work ofRead More


A Day with the Foster Care Work Group

I don’t often spend a lot of time with the foster care work group. And every time I do, I am always amazed at their respectful inclusion of foster care alums as well as their determination to find ways to build upon their investments across the country. Below are some of the highlights of theRead More

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YTFG Road Trip to Philly

The Youth Transition Funders Group is meeting in Philadelphia this year for what looks like an incredible meeting. As you may know, the Youth Transition Funders Group (YTFG) gathers twice a year. One part of the meeting is dedicated to the work groups, which are designed to support funders in making the best investments theyRead More


A New Ally in Ending Sex Trafficking…and Other Youth Issues?

Why did Nevada Assembly Bill 67 zip through the state legislature unanimously when all the other anti-trafficking bills had failed miserably year after year? It’s not just because thirty churches, synagogues, and mosques from Southern Nevada organized over a thousand people to learn about the issues, speak to their legislators, and track the legislative process.Read More

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Calling All Ideas for Re-Thinking High School

The Super School Project website was ultra-cool. The idea is right up my alley. But I still didn’t know what it was all about and whether to take it seriously until I found out about the big-minded, brave-hearted, absolutely-dedicated-to-equity people behind it: Russlynn Ali (Ed Trust and Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights in US DepartmentRead More

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Title: Tripping or Skipping Over the Tripwires

When you peek under the surface and begin asking questions, graduating college isn’t so much an example of a ‘meritocracy’ as much as it is the symbol of perpetual inequality. – Andrew, college freshman That quote is from the opening of Uncovering the Tripwires to Postsecondary Success by the Kentucky-based Pritchard Committee. It’s a powerfulRead More

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Is a New Window of Opportunity Opening up at U.S. Department of Education?

I nearly jumped out of my chair while reading Ed Week’s transition section this week – Ruth Curran Neild is becoming the director of policy and research at the U.S. Department of Education, a role that includes leading the Institute of Education Sciences. I wondered, could this be a new window of opportunity for usRead More


Where Does Survival Fit into Well-Being?

It breaks my heart when I hear young men growing up in communities of concentrated poverty talk about their future – as if there won’t be one. Their lives are shaped by the indifference of schools, violence swirling around them, encounters with explicit racism as well as that hard-to-put-your-finger-on-it institutional racism, frequent and sometimes brutalRead More

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