New Report on the Health Impacts of Charging Youth as Adults

Human Impact Partners has released a new health impact assessment report entitled, Juvenile InJustice: Charging Youth as Adults is Ineffective, Biased and Harmful.

The findings show that:

  • The justice system is biased against youth of color — youth of color are more likely to be tried as adults than White youth, even when being charged with similar crimes. In California in 2015, 88% of juveniles tried as adults were youth of color.
  • Charging youth as adults doesn’t protect community safety — in fact, it doubles recidivism.
  • Youth and families are resilient despite the negative impacts they must deal with — exposure to violence, stress, stigma, and isolation are all examples of common experiences. Despite these challenges, youth and families of color are often gathering and organizing to change the system.
  • The adult court system ignores developmental science and environmental contexts — the context of a young person’s life, especially in low-income communities with a history of disinvestment, is largely ignored by the adult court system.

Click here to access the report.