New Report on Underprepared Students and Community Colleges

The Center for Community College Student Engagement recently released Expectations Meet Reality: The Underprepared Student and Community Colleges, with findings collected from more than 70,000 community college students across 150 institutions, explores the typical community college student experience in the areas of assessment, placement, and developmental education—and it also highlights innovative practices in work with underprepared students.

While many in the field agree that developmental education is broken and is a barrier to completion, the job of the community college has always been and still is to educate the students who walk through its doors. The persistent reality is that the majority of those students do not reach their goals. One thing is certain: a divide exists between students’ expectations for college and the reality that many are not prepared for college-level work. The bridge that will shorten the distance between the two must be the aggressive and urgent work of colleges in redesigning the educational pathway for all students.

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