Event Info

  • Date: September 30, 2015
  • Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm

Sept 30 YTFG Call for Funders: Disrupting the Cycle of Incarceration and Poverty by Helping Young People Transform their Lives

A Conversation About What Works with Molly Baldwin, Founder and CEO of Roca

This Wednesday, September 30, 2016 call featured a one-hour conversation with Molly Baldwin, Founder and CEO of Roca Inc.  For more than twenty-five years, Ms. Baldwin has been a tireless advocate, mentor, and community convener, reaching out to the highest-risk young people from the Boston area’s most dangerous urban communities– those young people who are unwilling or unable to attend traditional programming, work, or school. Over the past decade, Roca has honed its real-time data tracking and dosage mapping, and has aligned its Intervention Model with evidence-based practices of criminal justice, behavioral health, and workforce development to become a leader in outcomes-driven social service delivery.

The call included information about:

  • The Roca Intervention Model ­­– “Get Your Life Together School”
  • Roca’s performance-based data management system
  • Evaluations of Roca programming and the Pay for Success Project
  • What Roca has learned about what works to improve education and employment outcomes for the most vulnerable youth and why
  • Gaps in the evidence base
  • Gaps in programming

Co-sponsored by the Multiple Pathways to Graduation Work Group and the Youth Justice Work Group of the Youth Transition Funders Group

About Roca
Roca is an outcomes-driven organization dedicated to transforming the lives of the most high-risk young people ages 17-24 (street, court, and gang-involved; drop-outs; young parents). Founded in 1988, Roca combines relentless outreach with data-driven evaluation to produce consistent, positive outcomes for young people from 21 cities in Massachusetts, including the Boston, Springfield, and Chelsea, where Roca operates its three sites. Providing two years of intensive services with two years of follow-up, Roca’s Intervention Model creates sustained behavior change in high-risk young people for whom other programming has failed, helping them re-engage in society and moving them toward outcomes of reduced criminal involvement, economic independence, and educational gains. Roca is proud to be an organization able to track whether it is doing meaningful, measurable good on a regular and predictable basis and is currently engaged in the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Pay for Success Project.