Guide to Mapping Community Assets for Transitioning Youth (2010)

This guide seeks to help state and community leaders systematically map the supports and services available to young people transitioning from foster care, so that young people, case workers, advocates, and other supportive adults will be able to effectively take advantage of all of the resources available to them. It includes guidance regarding initiating asset-mapping in your state or community, specific worksheets to guide the mapping process, and advice on creating a repository of information that is easily accessible by young people.

The guide was developed in collaboration with FosterClub, a national network for youth in foster care, who has developed a planning toolkit to help states implement the youth-directed transition plan mandated by Fostering Connections. It can be used in tandem with FosterClub’s Transition Toolkit or as a stand alone document for states and communities that have designed their own youth-led transition planning process.

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